“why prayers, rituals and sacrifice are not answered”

welcome to today teaching on reason why your prayers, rituals and sacrifice never works for you .

{1} SEX : sex is a spiritual encounter between two people, when doing any sacrifice, fating or any spiritual work or ritual, Sex must be avoided cos most people have bad omen and it can be transfer to you which will hinder your spiritual work, during sexual intercourse there may be transfer of bad energy from one partner to the other, depending on the number of days your spiritual work will last, always avoid sexual intercourse during the period.

{2} MENSTRUATION : in all spiritual dealings, a woman who is on her monthly period is unclean and should avoid doing and ritual or sacrifice even fasting,even when anyone comes in contact with a lady on her period that person becomes unclean and any spiritual work u doing will definitely be affected, even in the ancient times until now Jewish women are ban from entering the church when on their period, every Ezewanyi, female dibia { female spiritualist} never enter their temple or perform any spiritual work when on their period. always avoid any lady on her period when on spiritual assignment.

{3} IGNORANCE OF REQUIRE TOOLS : most mistake people make when using spititual materials are common, like most people uses the spiritual soap on any sponge, never use a spiritual soap on any type of sponge to bath, the native sponge is the natural sponge required. make sure u have the native sponge.

{4} LACK OF WORDS OF THE MOUTH : most people are make this mistake of keeping mute when carrying out spiritual works, the words of the mouth are powerful and its required when carrying out your assignment, make sure you say your hearth desires, request and desire when performing or carrying out ant spiritual works, when you keep quiet the work is void, you must proclaim it and the AIR which is also an element needs to carry it out.

{5} GOSSIP ; most people talk too much even before and after carrying out sacrifice, they will tell it to friends, family members or close associate, most times secrecy is needed and only you should be aware of what you are doing or have done.

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