“How to use the Kola For spiritual prayers”

Kola (4 eyes igbo kola) is a spiritual tool we use in communicating with the spiritual realm and was commonly used in the ancient times by AFRICANS.

Take the seed of kola and stand facing the sun or your personal alter and start by thanking the Supreme God of creation and his Angels.

thank the spirit of your ancestral land (village), and then thank the spirit of the land which you are currently.

ask them to come and eat the kola that you have brought to them as a gift from your heart, Tell them you are not going to break it or divide it but they should share it in unison on your behalf as a sign of peace .

while on your prayer tell them to receive the kola in love, unity and discuss your progress happiness ( you can also state your hearth desire)

then face the sun direction and pray to the sun to release any of your blessing that has been hinder from you during the day, ask the sun to make your star shine and never be overshadow, also pary towards the sun to fight any battles, powers or person that will rise agaisnt you during the day.

for igbo people, ask the four market spirit (nkwo, orie, eke, afo) to come receive kolas and cause abundance in your life business and prosperity.

throw the kola facing the sun or throw it facing your altar (depending on if you praying it at the alter or sunlight)

if you wish to pray it with the sun but due to the kind of place you are or you a tenant, you can pray it inside your room facing the sun but make sure the sun reflection is visible through the window opening.

Note: kola is free gift of nature and its not subjected to a particular belief, nature is free for everyone to use and it is advisable to use it for good of yourself and not fior bad to people.

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{Man of nature and servant of most high.}

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