“Spiritual benefit of coconut”

Nature is built on spirituality because it was created before human Race, so everything Nature gift was a gift by the spirit to help the physical mortal men.

Coconut fruit is just one of many natural gift of nature that is bless with lot of spiritual powers to heal , restore, divert, cleansing and protection and many more.


{1} SPIRITUAL PROTECTION ; having coconut tree at home hinders lot of spiritual attack to the house hold, it also serve as a thunder protector that stop thunder strikes from having effect on the household, it also expel any spiritual attack in the home and counter any incoming spiritual attack, also pouring of coconut water in the four corner of your home helps in neutralizing and buried charms.

{2} CLEANSING POWER ; coconut water has a very powerful Aura of neutralizing poison or toxic substance in the body, most herbal drugs for anti poison are made off coconut water, it is advisable to always drink coconut water to boost your immune system.

{3} SPIRITUAL REVERSAL : get a coconut that has not touch the ground, use the water to to wash your face starting from your head, break it and let the water flow from your head to your face, start making your incantation by reversing any evil mark on your fore head, every evil cobweb on your face and every where your glory has been chain, its is highly spiritual for those who wants to recover back their stolen glory.

{4} FASTING AND PRAYERS : most religion people uses coconut for their fasting and prayers but using it to pray for the number of days their fasting last, after which they break the coconut and use the water to wash their legs and hands or as directed by their spiritual leader or how the spirit direct them.

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