“Virginal white discharge infection herbal cure, Ezewanyi Ifeoma Snowwhite”



Vaginal infections white discharge { fungal infections, itching,} can have several causes, the most circulated are those caused by fungi, the most popular of which is Candida Albicans and those caused by a bacterium. The dysfunction that can damage the fragile area of ​​the vagina can be fungal infections, itching, discharge;

This delicate area must be the subject of all attention Pain and itching in the vagina, and often in the vulva. A significant change in the odor, abundance, texture and color of vaginal discharge may be indicative of infectious vaginitis. In case of yeast infection, the losses are often whitish, with a curdiness appearance. When it comes to a bacterial infection, they are rather gray or yellowish and smelly. A feeling of irritation or burning during urination and during intercourse. Swelling and redness of the vulva. A slight vaginal bleeding, in rare cases.

Treatment: 👉 Ocimum gratissimum leaf (scent leaf) 👉Persea americana wallet (avocado leaf) 👉Tetraleura teraptera (prekese) 👉Ocimum americana leaf (white basil) 👉 Tumeric 👉Clove PREPARATION Put all this in a pot and boil for 40mins then sieve and fill the liquid in the can for use. A cup morning and night…. For better result cook with more quality materials and get up to 8 to 10 litter of the liquid.

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